Workshop I: "Medicalization of Aging – Gerontologization of Medicine: Relevance and Changes of Aging in Relation to Modern Medicine"

October 29th - 31th, 2009, Göttingen (Paulinerkirche)

Funding: VolkswagenStiftung

Project Period: 2009

Carried out by: Prof. Dr. Silke Schicktanz

The interdisciplinary expert workshop focuses on the significance and changes in the horizon of modern medicine with regards to aging from two research perspectives: First, against the backdrop of a progressive medicalization of aging in modern societies, we will examine what effects (bio-)medical approaches have on individual and socio-cultural understandings of, and ways of dealing with, aging. Second, with regard to a possible gerontologisation of medicine in the course of demographic change, the influence of such assumptions on medical practice and the healthcare sector will be discussed.

Conference Papers

  • Michael Denkinger, Geriatrie auf verlorenem Posten? Geriatrie muss sich gegenüber Anti-Aging-Medizin positionieren, in: Geriatrie-Journal 11 (2009) 6, S. 11f. 
  • Claudia Bozzaro, Workshop "Medikalisierung des Alterns – Gerontologisierung der Medizin? Bedeutung und Wandel des Alterns im Horizont der modernen Medizin", in: Ethik in der Medizin [online first] doi: 10.1007/s00481-010-0063-2 (Link)



Prof. Dr. Silke Schicktanz

Prof. Dr. Silke Schicktanz

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